Shifting Focus

To better reflect my current life back in the US, this blog will be shifting gears somewhat. In the future, photo essays and posts will not be limited to my past adventures in Himalayan destinations or cultures.

I am preparing to relocate to Chicago at the start of June 2012. It's a very exciting and somewhat frightening time for me, but I look forward to a wealth of new images to share with you.

Watch for more urban architectural shots, cityscapes and street photography as I get to know my new home. Chicago has a rich history, and is home to a vibrant blend of cultures. I look forward to exploring its Chinatown, Indian community, and other ethnic areas, amongst more "touristy" destinations. 

I will try to feature a blast from the past piece from my travels in India and Nepal on a semi-regular basis, for those who prefer my work in that field.

Thank you to everyone who has visited thus far. I look forward to building a broader audience and of course continue to encourage your comments/feedback.

Downtown Chicago Reflected in "The Bean" (Cloud Gate), Sepia Tone, 2012

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Rajasthan: Wet and Dry FREE now at iTunes

Greetings from sunny central Florida.
It's with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of my long awaited FREE iTunes digital photography app, Rajasthan: Wet and Dry.

Rajasthan: Wet and Dry features 34 color and black and white images shot on my first visit to India in late autumn 2009. These scenes showcase some of the fabulous ways water and the desert climate has figured into the life of Rajasthan since ancient times. It moves us across the landscape, through history and through the various cultures which have shaped the region.

Here's a teaser from the app:

Rooftop Geranium

Despite its broken container & the high levels of local pollution, this Red Geranium seems to flourish in Boudhanath, Kathmandu
Triumph in the face of adversity.