2013: 52 Weeks in My Life in Photos: Week Two

It's here! Week two of the 52 Weeks in My Life in Photos project. YAY!

This week was a little more varied and exciting than last, mainly because the weather was much warmer. Unseasonably warm. I left my room several times, went on walks, spent an afternoon at a coffee shop, and even went all the way downtown to The Loop area. Holy mackerel!

Here comes the tour:
Let's start with an instagram from my general neighborhood area in Irving Park, which is on the northwest side of Chicago. I liked the way the block looked rundown and almost abandoned  even though this is along the main street.
Houses on Irving Park Road

Our next stop is two scenes from Independence Park, a short walking distance from where I live.
I liked the way the tree limbs stood out against the sky when viewed in high contrast monochrome...

While experimenting with a selective color shot of the sour cherries on this tree, a bird (I think it is a cowbird?) flew into the scene and stayed long enough to get a good clear shot. Thanks, bird.

Last but not least, two scenes shot from the Chicago CTA 'L' Blue Line train...the first an instagram while headed into the city...
On the Rails

For this week's parting shot, a capture from the rear car of the same train line, a few hours later, heading back into the suburbs. I was hesitant to use this image at first because of the grime on the train window...but it has enough merit to used in an atmospheric manner, I think.

So there you have it! Week two of 2013 in my life in photos.
Which scene is your favorite?