2013: 52 Weeks of My Life in Photos, Intro

Happy New Year 2013! 

Are you ready for an entirely new theme for this blog? I am!
I finally settled on my theme/direction in photography for the coming year.
As I have no travel plans outside my immediate area (dreams, yes-plans, no), I decided to expand on my recent instagram account theme, which has been well received on that site.

So, welcome to 52 Weeks of My Life in Photos.

What can you expect? A wide range of images which chronicle my current life journey, mainly. I am still learning my camera's functions and trying new techniques, and trying to think of new ways to capture my experience in a creative, artistic manner which will appeal to more than just myself.

Each week I will feature a minimum of 3 images which sum up my life. I am not limiting to any style or subject...there will be instagram shots, color, black and white, and digital effects. Hopefully I can capture the mood or emotion beyond the simple recording of events.

Your feedback will help motivate me. What works for you? What doesn't? What do you want to see more of?

Since this is the intro post and a full week of photo ops has not yet passed, I will leave you with a single image that expresses  my life today...

From now on, my intent is to update weekly on Sundays, using images from the preceding week!.

I love for you to share my work, but, as always, please respect my copyright on these images. They may not be downloaded or used in any way without my express written consent.  I encourage you to link to this blog or my facebook photo page!