2013: 52 Weeks of My Life in Photos, Week One

The first week of 2013 was not a bad week. Nothing special to "write home about", as they say, but not bad, as weeks in my life go.
I was stuck in my room most of the week, feeling under the weather in one form or another. I almost posted you pictures of the inside of my shower/bath tub since I didn't get out until the last day of week one!
But you have been spared (for now!)

So, here we go...

Leaf on Frozen Fish Pond in Back Yard, Instagram version

As usual, I ventured no further than the grocery store less than two blocks from my room. Thankfully there are  interesting sights everywhere when you keep your eye tuned for them.
Bare Tree Limbs on My Street
Monday Sky...January 7, 2013 ..Instagram Version

And last but not least, a record of my life and the season in shadows (or something like that)
Long Shadow of Me, January 7, 2013 around 11:30am
There you have it. My life in photos for the week of January 1-7, 2013.
It's supposed to be a little bit warmer during the week ahead, so I am hoping to actually get out and about on at least one day, so next week there will be different scenes to enjoy!