2016 Brings New Goals and Directions

Happy New Year 2016! I hope you all celebrated a safe and joyful holiday season, regardless of what or how you celebrate.

I've been back in northern India since mid-October 2015. The image below shows you the view of the hilltop ridge where I reside viewed from lower in the valley.
McleodGanj Hill Station, HP, India viewed from road to Dharamsala

There are a multitude of cultures and cultural celebrations around this region. I try to appreciate and celebrate the best of all of them. It is not always easy. Some people are much more open to sharing than others, and sometimes those who are willing have language barriers that make understanding one another difficult.

The Tibetan exile community is here, as well as large numbers of Kashmiris, Nepalis, local Indian peoples including the Gaddi tribe, and of course "westerners" from all over the world.
Over the past months my photography has shifted more and more towards candid street and cultural documentary work. I love being emerged in a culture so vastly foreign from mine, although it can be equally as frightening as exhilarating. I am trying to overcome my fears and capture some of the unique aspects of life here that folks back "home" never have a chance to experience.

I hope you enjoy these sample images of the various people of my adopted hometown going about their daily business.
Man Wearing Pahari topi style hat typical to Himachal Pradesh state and regions of Nepal 

Himachal Pradesh traffic policeman stationed area of His Holiness Dalai Lama temple

Taxi Union Drivers Waiting for Business

Local Gaddi Shepherdess Tribeswoman Knitting as she walks with Flock of Sheep

Ladakhi Woman at Human Rights Day Events in Dalai Lama Temple

Tibetan Mother with Child Teething on Hard Churra (dri yak cheese)

Beautiful Old Tibetan Woman Whose Face Speaks of Her Life Experience

Adorable Elderly Tibetan Man Listening to Human Rights Day Speech
Kashmiri in Main Square waiting for Business (I think as a Coolie/Porter)

In the past most of my work has been with the Tibetan community. I am making a conscious effort to expand my horizons moving forward! I still feel uncomfortable approaching most people but instead choose to shoot from a distance using my camera's 42x optical zoom.

My goal for 2016 is to post regular "mini" photo essays of different local ethnic groups, or mixed shots illustrating related themes of candid street scenes.

I hope you will enjoy the journeys with me, be they around McleodGanj or fruther afield in my upcoming travels to Pokhara, Nepal and Ladakh during spring and summer!

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