Mini Architectural Details Photo Essay

I've been a bit "frozen", lately, creatively speaking, Lost in the struggle between creating what I love and creating/promoting that which sustains me financially. I've been trying to shake things up more and follow my passion(s).

So today, on what is to date the warmest day of our pre-monsoon season here in the Himalayan foothills, I decided it was well past time to go out for another photo walk. As I descended the stairs of my building, I chose the theme of "In My Street" for this jaunt.

I live in a relatively quiet residential side street of town, away from the bustling cafes, tourist shops and temples. One might think there is nothing of interest here to photograph, I can guarantee you the locals sure thought it was bizarre that I was taking pictures of the sides of buildings! I was even asked by one couple why I was taking pics of their house. I had to show them that it was all abstract photography and architectural details, and explain my passion for abstract geometrics and how they might be used in other photo art projects related to life in our community. Thankfully that seemed to satisfy them!

Here are a few of the scenes that I shot today. If you like them please consider sharing (with credit, of course) on twitter, facebook, pinterest and beyond.

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