Mumbai...A Look Back

The Living Room of My Safe Have in Mumbai, my Friend's Family Apartment
I have decided to take a step back and review, in words and images, my days in India, from my arrival in October 2009 to my (thus far) last departure in October 2011. With a tentative return scheduled for early 2013, this seems like a good time to review my journey thus far, and to share a bit of what India means to me. My intent is to present a set of images from each place I visited, along with a few words on why they were so meaningful to me.

I arrived in Mumbai in late October 2009, totally unprepared for the "organized chaos" of India. For those more interested in words, and my state of mind at the time, I blogged the trip at Sacred Sojourns, starting with the post  "Thus Far on My Journey".
Curious Local Youth at Chai Walla (Tea Vendor)...People stare at strangers quite openly in India.
Taj Hotel and Gateway of India

Boats on Arabian Sea

Kalba Devi Bazaar District was over-crowded, a maze of noise and  activity, and an assault on all the senses

Colorful Salwar and Fabric Shops...India is a riot of color!

Where Does the Time Go?

Here it is late August already. I am still thinking, or re-thinking, the direction I want to take with this blog.
One thing I know: I want to share my photography.

What I do not know:
Should I do a single image post each week from all of my past travels?
Should I stick to a theme of only India & Tibetan/Buddhism related images, where my interest and passion lies?
Or should I stay with my present location (Chicago) and current work (cityscape and street)?
(Your input in comments is most definitely welcome!)

Meanwhile, I give you...a Buddha from Tamil Nadu...

This stone Buddha carving is located in the Alsdorf Gallery of Asian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I work.