Jagdish Mandir in Udaipur Rajasthan

       The beautiful Jagdish Mandir (temple) in Udaipur is one of the city's main attractions. An amazing example of 17th century architecture from a style known as Maru-Gurjara, a combination for the ancient regional names of Rajasthan and Gujarat, states which historically had ethnic, cultural, and political ties with one another.

       The temple was completed in 1651 AD by Maharana Jagat Singh, known as the greatest builder of the Mewar dynasty in Rajasthan. It features elaborate stone carved facades depicting wildlife, particularly elephants and horses, as well as figures of royalty and deities. 

Figures Carved in Jagdish Mandir Temple Udaipur

Sadhus Seated Around Jagdish Mandir

More Carved Figures on Jagdish Mandir Facade

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Reflections on Las Vegas from a Part Time Resident

I arrived in Las Vegas for the first time on 19 October 2014 after finishing the work season at Grand Canyon National Park North Rim. I was both terrified and excited, having heard both thrilling stories of partying and leading a glamorous life on The Strip, as well as horror stories of drunks, destitution, and danger away from the tourist areas.

I spent a fabulous first week exploring the glitz of The Strip, and spending far too much money.

Following that week of fun, I had to learn not to be afraid of the walk from our weekly apartment several blocks north of downtown on Fremont Street, passing by groups of homeless, avoiding the attempted pick ups by men in passing cars.

As a photographer, I tried to turn my attention to aspects of the city that most visitors never see, yet not focus on obvious subjects.

I decided to shoot architectural abstracts, reflections, graffiti and street art. There are a fascinating array of shapes and forms in the everyday details. I added a great number of these to my instagram acccount.

Here are a few of my favorite non instagram images from my early days in Vegas.
Fremont Street Experience

Sunset from the Pool of Golden Nugget

Not All is Perfect in Vegas

Chandelier Detail

Today is my last day in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future.

Looking forward:
I am on my way back to live and work at Grand Canyon National Park South Rim, where I first entered this seasonal work lifestyle back in February 2007. I have not been there since early 2009, and am anxious to return. I have always thought of it as home, in many ways.

Over the coming weeks and months I intend to concentrate my blog posts on various aspects of life in Grand Canyon Village that will be unfamiliar to most vacationers to the park. From details of canyon geology to sweeping canyon skies, from unique off trail perspectives to more unique and bizarre image series that I'll surprise you with in the future!

My next planned post will be a feature on the Route 66 wall murals in Flagstaff, Arizona en route to South Rim!

Resurrecting the Dead

I have been pondering, once again, whether it is possible for me to resurrect the dead.
The dead, in this case, of course, being this blog.
At the very least, like a volcano, it was been dormant for a couple of years!

I find it very difficult to stick to a regular posting schedule. Sometimes I find myself living in remote locations for several months at a time. Internet is not always available. At other times, my work schedule makes finding time to post complicated. I maintain multiple social media sites and sales profiles for my work that take precedence.

I have been doing a decent job, I think, adding to my photography portfolios the past week or so.
Maybe it is time to take the leap and commit to blogging again, too?

I suppose it will become clear as the days ahead slip behind...