Phulbari Street, Boudha, Kathmandu

Didis (Sisters) at a Phulbari Street Shop

In the Boudha neighborhood of Kathmandu, just outside the kora area around the Great Stupa which is the center of life, lies Phulbari Street. Like most main streets in the region, it is lined with shops catering to all the aspects of daily life, from groceries to clothing to religious needs. The locals often congregate outside friends' shops, whiling away the hours.
Nepali Men Resting in Shade 
Life flows at a far different pace in Nepal than in the western world, especially in traditional areas such as Boudha. My impression was that most of life takes place in the street or in small cafes.
Tibetan Girl Outside Phulbari Street Shop
There is no rush, in Phulbari Street. Just the timeless rhythms of commerce and killing time.