2012 "Mid" Year Update

It's fast approaching June 2012, the middle of the year, a good place to take stock and measure progress.

A lot of things have changed for me since I began this blog in December 2011. 
I no longer have immediate plans to return to Nepal and India, which brings me both relief and sorrow in ways I cannot possibly explain. 

Instead, I will be relocating to Chicago (!) in just a week from tomorrow. This has meant a lot of upheaval in my personal as well as professional pursuits/goals.

I am re-assessing plans for my next self-published photography books and hopefully will be ready to move on with that project before the end of 2012.

I would like to have my first public photography exhibit (coffeehouse or gallery is my hope) before the end of 2012, as well.

I am hoping the vibrant arts scene in Chicago will support me in ways that have previously seemed to be out of reach. Not only financially, but in finding a creative community within which to network and grow.

The first of my Chicago mini photo essays "should" be ready to post prior to the end of the first week of June.