Gilded Gods

Gilded Cherezig Statue at Tsuglakhang, the Main Temple of HH Dalai Lama in McleodGanj
Gilded Gods. It has a very poetic sound, doesn't it?
But to be fair, it's not entirely accurate.

Buddhism does not have a God, or gods, in the sense of a creator. The deities of Buddhism are (or were) living beings from different realms of Samsara. The historic Buddha, or Buddha Sakyamuni, was a man who became enlightened and taught how to transcend samsara, and is hence a supreme being. There are numerous other "deities" in Buddhism. (also recommended: Buddhas & Deities)

Statues of these deities are generally made from the finest materials an artist has available, and to the best of the artist's skill level, as a sign of respect and veneration. Hence the number of gilded (golden) ornate statues adorned with precious and semi-precious stone.
Buddha Sakyamuni Statue with Offerings at HH Dalai Lama Temple in McleodGanj
The Statue at Left is the Buddha Meditating Before He Attained Enlightenment
Maitreya, the "Future Buddha", in a Monastery in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Golden Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) Statue in HH Dalai Lama Temple, McleodGanj.
The Pink Light represents an Offering of Flame
Green Tara Statue at Pilgrimage Site in Tso Pema, HP, India
This article is intended as a photographic introduction to interest viewers in this fascinating topic, not as a comprehensive or scholarly study. 

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