Jagdish Mandir in Udaipur Rajasthan

       The beautiful Jagdish Mandir (temple) in Udaipur is one of the city's main attractions. An amazing example of 17th century architecture from a style known as Maru-Gurjara, a combination for the ancient regional names of Rajasthan and Gujarat, states which historically had ethnic, cultural, and political ties with one another.

       The temple was completed in 1651 AD by Maharana Jagat Singh, known as the greatest builder of the Mewar dynasty in Rajasthan. It features elaborate stone carved facades depicting wildlife, particularly elephants and horses, as well as figures of royalty and deities. 

Figures Carved in Jagdish Mandir Temple Udaipur

Sadhus Seated Around Jagdish Mandir

More Carved Figures on Jagdish Mandir Facade

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