The Lollipop Kids: Kids Being Kids Part One

It is mid-afternoon on a crazy weather day here in the Himalaya of Himachal Pradesh, with thunder, hail, snow, and sun warm enough to walk outside barefoot, and I suddenly remembered that I had planned to post here today. It has been a hectic week, mainly because I adopted a very young kitten who has no concerns for my work or schedule.

At any rate, this week's post is the first of several I will make on kids being kids. Life for children in this region can be complicated and difficult, not more so for any particular culture or ethnic group, but because life here is, well, a challenge. 

Still, childhood has certain joys and freedoms not shared by adults. At least not as freely and openly! The freedom to make sure your tongue acquires a particular color from your lollipop is one of them.
Really Enjoying the Taste

Eyes Popping Out of her Head with Joy

My Sucker Matches My Muffler

And So Does My Tongue

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